Why buy Full Circle Book?
Suspend disbelief and delve into this remarkable story - part world-travel adventure and part personal journey. I am reading this book for the third time, and each time I gain new insight and meaning. Lance's honesty and willingness to reveal and share his transformation across time is truly a gift. It has moved me to look at our daily world with kindness and compassion, and has altered my personal path in a way that I can never go back to the person that I was before reading it. I am indeed grateful! Well done.
- Connie,USA

Full Circle Volume 1 by Lance Collins is truly an extraordinary book! Regardless of whether you view it as autobiographical and partly fiction the author does an excellent job of opening doors of perception while weaving people, events and stunning scenery into a fascinating tapestry of words and images. I can't wait to dive into Volume 2.
- Tom, Canada

Lance's inner work informs his outer journey, and visa versa. In the end, this book's beauty lies in the questions it explores about what it means to live a life guided by profound intuition.
- Anni, USA

A wise man once said,'You think you are living your life, but actually life is living you.' This book is a wonderful expression and revelation of that timeless truth.
- Brad, Thailand