Sometimes something happens which has such an impact on your life that it leaves you in a very different place than where you started. A series of coincidences led me on a journey to Thailand, then to the Himalayas of India and Nepal. During those 18 months, events occurred that shifted my perception of what is possible to what would have previously been unimaginable. Back at sea level on the island of Bali, I secretly hoped that the experiences initiated during those cracks in my perception would end…and I could blame it on the altitude. They didn't and I couldn't. From somewhere deep down inside came an undeniable knowing that the story needed to be told and I couldn’t escape sharing it no matter how hard I tried.

While my story may read like fiction, it’s a true tale—a genuine memoir—but it's really not about me. It’s about universal and timeless lessons, learned through experience, our greatest teacher. By living through them, we uncover the gems of wisdom scattered like diamonds along the path—the insights that transform our lives. It's about remembering who we really are through our own humanity, and learning that things may appear one way on the surface, but be very different underneath.

So now that you have found my website, please enjoy the pictures, check out my blog, and consider taking the plunge and read the book.